Meet the Crew Mondays: Virginia Jasper

Posted: November 5, 2012 in Meet the Crew

(“Meet the Crew Mondays” is written by director Shiva Rodriguez)

Virginia is the Producer for Predatory Moon, which basically means that she’ll be running around doing a million different things to keep everything organized and under control while the rest of us get covered in werewolf slobber. I’ve worked with her on quite a few projects, and she’s always the one who remembers to bring extra jackets and cough drops when the temperature drops and keeps the coffee flowing on long work days. Some of us like to refer to her as the “Production Mom”. (And yes, she’s even been credited as such in a couple films.)

Virginia often drives me nuts with all the little things she thinks of and prepares for, which is precisely why I’m so glad that she’s stepping in to produce this project.

She’s also our Casting Director for a good reason… she’s had quite a career in acting. (I just love to tease her about her riveting performance in Bob Clark’s She-Man.) Seriously, she’s worked on both stage and film productions for many years and has a knack for encouraging novice actors and helping them prepare for their roles.

Virginia with Duckie

Virginia with stunt coordinator D. Duckie Rodriguez.

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