Meet the Crew on Mondays: Daniel Byrd

Posted: December 31, 2012 in Meet the Crew

(MTCOM essays are written by director Shiva Rodriguez)

Oh no! I’m doing a werewolf film and I can’t draw a decent stick figure! Enter Daniel Byrd, our Creature Designer.

I’ve known Daniel for a long time, and he’s designed a lot of great logos for me over the years. We’re even got a graphic novel pet project in the works together. But what he is best-known for, and very deservingly so, is his graphic work in the horror genre.

So when I knew that I would need some designs for a very unique and complicated werewolf creature, Daniel was the first person I called.

He’s never thought about designing for F/X before, so this is a very interesting challenge for him. Not only is he creating the overall look for the creature, but he is also deeply involved in working with me on designing the sequential stages of the human-to-creature transformation. And I have to tell you, he has been coming up with some extremely creative and twisted ideas for that!

Then he went and surprised the crew by offering up three original art pieces inspired by Predatory Moon to help us raise funds for the film! (You can see them on our indiegogo campaign page.)

Daniel has a formal education in sequential art, and his work has been featured on the covers of albums and movies, as well as logos. His horrifyingly brilliant pieces been shown in many art shows around the country, and he has the distinction of being a two-time winner for “Best Horror” in the Dragon*Con Art Show.

To learn more about Daniel and his amazing work, visit his official website at

Daniel Byrd

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