Meet the Crew on Mondays and Spotlight: Michael J. Cornell

Posted: January 21, 2013 in Meet the Cast, Meet the Crew

(MTCOM essays are written by director Shiva Rodriguez)

Normally I introduce a crew person on Mondays and periodically Spotlight a member of the cast, but this week I’m combining the two in honor of a good friend and very talented actor – Michael J. Cornell.

Michael will be playing the role of “Frank” in Predatory Moon.

I met Michael a few years ago when he auditioned for a film that my husband was directing. It was his first time auditioning, but his great personality and natural acting ability won him the role. He also co-starred in a short film that our Director of Photography spear-headed later that year.

Asides from being a fun person to work with in front of the camera, he’s also been known to lend a hand behind-the-scenes on the productions he works on. During projects we’ve worked on together, he’s always been quick to lend a hand with set dressing, organizing, and even helping me wrangle a huge spiked tree trunk prop!

Last week he jumped in to assist us during the two very long days of auditions for Predatory Moon.

Michael is also very dedicated to his work in the Coalition for the Homeless as a Veteran Community Support Coordinator.


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