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Pat McSherry is one of our Grips for Predatory Moon.

Pat has been the bassist for the metal band Catalyst: since 2009, and members of the band are also part of Monument:Productions which handles all audio, video production, recording services, visual performance and art, photography, website design, and other services for musicians and artists.

Recently he has worked on the music video for the Catalyst: song “A Ghost Unknown” ( and worked on the crew for the videos for Predatory Moon’s “Blood Drive” campaign.

Official website for Catalyst: –

Catalyst on Facebook –

Monument:Productions –


SPOTLIGHT: Lowrie Fawley

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Lowrie will be playing the role of “Louise” in Predatory Moon.

A Virginian by birth, Lowrie Fawley has been active in many theatrical venues. Prior to forming FantasyLand Theatrical Productions with Christian St. John, she was a theatrical scholarship recipient for two consecutive years at Santa Fe Community College. She holds degrees Theatre and English.

She also served as Company Manager for the Hippodrome State Theatre.

She has performed and directed in several other venues, including the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre and the STAR Center. Credits include: The Rocky Horror Show, Belle of Amherst and A Coupla White Chicks Sittin’ Round Talkin’. 9 to 5, Regrets Only, and The Guys.

She made her New York stage debut in Israel Horowtiz LINE at the Thirteenth St. Repertory Theatre and premiered her own show, Death by the Visitation of God at the Times Square Arts Center in 2008.

She also appears on film in the web series “Captain Schoolgirl” and performed for three years in NYC in the seasonal attraction Blood Manor.

Lowrie Fawley

Nicole Sweeney is one of the F/X makeup artists working on Predatory Moon.

She’s a self-taught makeup artist who got her start by practicing on friends and family. Last year she began working makeup F/X for film and video, including doing work for “Horrorscapes” which will be coming out on DVD in 2013.

She has also worked on live zombie events such as the “Run For Your Lives” 5k race.

Nicole’s web page can be found here: FX Makeup by Nicole

Nicole Sweeney

SPOTLIGHT: Chris Morrissey

Posted: February 14, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Chris Morrissey will be playing the role of “Kyle” in Predatory Moon.

Chris has been on a very diverse road that has lead him to follow his passion as an actor. He has always bee a performer in some fashion. He first started acting in high school, and though he did not continue acting in the normal sense in college; he found himself in front of audiences again, as a member of the Florida State University Flying High Circus.

Upon graduation he proceeded into the real world as a former police officer and attorney. But his desire to act was still smoldering, so he returned to the stage and then began his film career. Not only has he been honing his craft as an actor, but has also been learning the other aspects of film, and has worked behind the scenes as well on projects in audio and lighting. He believes knowing all he can about the full process of creating movies is essential in becoming a better actor.

Chris is thrilled to be a part of this project and looks forward to working with this talented cast and crew.

Chris Morrissey

Troy Durrett will be the Editor for Predatory Moon.

He got his start in 1989 by creating music videos from footage he shot during live shows and concerts. He then went on to study film and visual communication at Florida State University and the University of South Florida.

In 2000 he started working as a professional editor for The Golf Channel and was the main editor for the show The Big Break for five seasons. Later on he went to Hawaii for several months to edit a fishing sport show for ESPN.

In 2006 he returned to Tampa and began his company Eye Splice Creative, LLC.

Recently he produced, directed, and edited “The Bro Bowl: 30 years of Tampa Concrete” skateboard documentary. He also did the editing for Warpaint’s music video “Elephants”.

Eye Splice Creative with the skateboard documentary:

Warpaint “Elephants” video:

Troy Durrett on IMDB:

Troy Durrett

SPOTLIGHT: Alex Brousseau

Posted: February 7, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Alex Brousseau will be playing “Ronald” in Predatory Moon.

Alex became interested in acting when he was 8 years old.  He studied at the Young Performers Studio for 2 years and has also participated in many acting workshops and camps.  He has been in several commercials including ones for Publix, Kennedy Space Center, and Universal Studios along with print work for Disney, Lazy Days, and Bealls.  He has also been involved in live stage performances and a student film.  

Alex enjoys acting, paint balling, videography, basketball, and is a black belt in karate.

His webpage can be found at:

Alex Brousseau