MEET THE CREW ON MONDAY: Sean Landenberger / Ol’ Cracker

Posted: March 18, 2013 in Meet the Crew

Sean’s music will be featured in Predatory Moon. He is also makes an appearance in the film as a werewolf victim.

Ol’Cracker’s “Where in the Hell Is Palatka?” is a one of kind Swamp Music-Country/Bluegrass/Hell Billy CD straight out of the FL underground. FL Cracker life style, stories and music, told by Ol’cracker himself! American music that can apply to any small town in the good ol’ USA.

Who is Ol’Cracker? Where in the Hell is Palatka? And what is a Bardin Booger? These are all answered in track #1 “Where In the Hell’s Palatka?” A song that just gets in your head. It will make you laugh, stomp your feet, yell “Hell yeah!”and understand the pride and heritage of a FL Cracker. They say Country Musics dead? Ol’Cracker breaths new life into it with an old/new sound. A must-have “This CD will be a Southern cult classic.” America should of found Ol’Cracker sooner.

From the CD then came the videos which caught the eye & ear of Director Don Miller. Don then starred Ol’Cracker & his music in his feature film “The Cracker Swamp Chronicles” which in turn catapulted Ol’Cracker into true Cult Hero status! You can see & hear all Ol’Cracker’s videos & movie trailers at


Ol’Cracker CD –

Ol’Cracker Freedom Commercial –

Ol’Cracker music video for “Where In The Hell’s Palatka?” –

Ol’Cracker music video “PlottHoundJohnny” –

Ol’Cracker music video “Ol’Nashville” –

Ol’Crackef music video
“Ol’Cracker Blues” –

Ol’Cracker vs ShameAss

“Lis Pendens” –


“The Hiker” (short)-

“Twang” (short)-

“Cracker Swamp Chronicles” (feature)

Ol' Cracker

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