SPOTLIGHT: Jeffrey Crisp

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Jeffrey will be playing the role of “Boris” in Predatory Moon.

Jeffrey lives in Lakeland Fl but got the acting bug while living in Las Vegas for 10 years. There was so much filming being done out
there and he thought it would be great to see if he could be a part of it.

After getting a agent and taking some acting lessons he soon found himself on the sets of Oceans 13, Lucky You and Rush Hour 2. He was also on the 2010 and 2011 American Country Awards with host Trace Atkins.

After moving back to Lakeland last year he landed a role in the short aviation film “Solo” that will be shown at the Sun-n-Fun Fly In this year in Lakeland.

Jeffrey is very excited about working on Predatory Moon and just as excited to work behind the scenes as he is to be in the movie. As he puts it, “To me, that’s where it all happens. I feel that behind the camera is where all the real talent is.”

Jeffrey Crisp

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