Posted: March 25, 2013 in Meet the Crew

Cat Epstein joins us as the Assistant Director.

She is excited to get back into film-making with some of her favorite filmmakers on Predatory Moon.

Cat first moved to Tampa after completing six months in the Disney College Program in 2010. She spent the next couple of years acting and working on independent films (and working seasonally at Disney to maintain free Park Entry) in the Tampa Bay area. Her first production assistant gig was working as Shiva’s practical F/X assistant on “Justifiable Circumstances.” Since then she has worked in many aspects of production (doing general PA work, making runs for craft services, occasional camera work, wrangling actors) including acting as Producer for Dangerous People.

After a short stay in East Brunswick, NJ, she is back in Tampa for a few months to help her family adjust to things after her father’s recent health issues.

Cat has many interests and hobbies outside of film-making and if you’re lucky she’ll make you something to eat sometime.

She earned her B.A. in Broadcast Communications with a Minor in Theater Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Aside from formatting scripts and terminology on set, she has yet to see this degree come in handy in the real world, except for that palates and yoga they did in Theater Practicum and also maybe History of The English Language – but that’s more on a personal level (the English language is really weird, you guys.)

She’s planning on returning north to pursue a Masters degree in something or other – if you want to know details you’ll just have to ask.

Cat Epstein

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