Posted: April 1, 2013 in Meet the Crew

Gus steps up his game this year as the Executive Producer of Predatory Moon.

At the tender age of eight months, he made his acting debut as “Henry VIII” in an independent feature film in 2010. After deciding that he really enjoyed all the attention in the spotlight (and of all his adoring fans on set), he went on to make a cameo appearance in a short film later that same year.

Then tragedy struck as he developed an addiction to catnip, which greatly crippled his performances on set.

Gus soon realized that the real attention could be found behind-the-scenes and soon became a familiar face in production meetings. A true pioneer in the industry, he’s best known for his philosophy that the best films are made by not worrying about the silly little things like “scripts” and “notes”. He regularly enforces his policies by ripping out pages of screenplays and hiding pens.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Gus Growltiger

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