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Day 13 group

Shiva Rodriguez, Devin Payne, Ella Nicole, P.j. Mullings, Olivier Wagenheim, Lowrie Fawley, Virginia Jasper, Catherine Epstein, Jonathan Foster and Garith A. Pettibone.

HOWL OUT! Glen S. Wade II

Posted: May 17, 2013 in Howl-Outs

One of our supporters, actor Glen S. Wade II, was recently interviewed at!

Interview with Glen S. Wade II

Glen on IMDB

Day Twelve of Shooting

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Photos on the Set

Shooting the scene with the most actors. Lots of fun! These people just look too happy to have just come from a funeral!

day 12 group

Wayne Burgess, Catherine Epstein, Garith A. Pettibone, Guy Leinbach, Shiva Rodriguez, Nicole Sweeney, Jonathan Foster, Devin Payne, Lowrie Fawley, P.j. Mullings, Gregory Cason, Tracy Anderson, Olivier Wagenheim, Bob Glazier, Kimberly Garland, Paige Garland, Jules Sceiro, Steve Heinz, A.J. Gaither, Jeffrey Crisp, Nancy Trivisonno, Nick Trivisonno and Virginia Jasper.

Day Eleven of Shooting

Posted: May 16, 2013 in Photos on the Set

A very messy day on the set!

Day 11 group

Wayne Burgess, Shiva Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Chris Morrissey, Jonathan Foster, LeNelle Stephens, Kathleen Kat O’Brien, Nicole Sweeney, Gary Klavans, Eric Clairmont, P.j. Mullings, Devin Payne, Catherine Epstein and Olivier Wagenheim.


Posted: May 14, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Actor/Writer/Restaurateur Skip Klavans will be playing “Roger” in Predatory Moon.

Like juggling chainsaws, Skip works hard to keep himself busy creatively. With well over a dozen stage plays produced under his name in Los Angeles and several short films, Skip ventured over to the east coast to try his hand in the culinary arts. Acting being his first love, he immediately sought out the film community in Florida and is happy to be a member of the cast of Predatory Moon.

Skip’s accomplishments as a writer have been seen in Seattle, LA and Lake Tahoe. As an actor he has been seen in SXSW, Action on Film Fest, LA Shorts and Honolulu Film Fest. As well as TV. Among these accomplishments, he has accepted awards for “Best in fest.” “Gold Kahuna” and “Silver Leigh”.

Skip’s most recent project is “Linger”, a short film about “Love never dies” is currently in post and will be in the festival circuit by summer.

skip klavans

Day Ten of Shooting

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Photos on the Set

day 10 group

Eric Clairmont, P.j. Mullings, Garith A. Pettibone, Mel Heflin, Catherine Epstein, Gregory Cason, Shiva Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Pat McSherry and Virginia Jasper.

Day Nine of Shooting

Posted: May 10, 2013 in Photos on the Set

day 9 group

P.j. Mullings, Wayne Burgess, Garith A. Pettibone, Jeffrey Crisp, Mel Heflin, Olivier Wagenheim, Catherine Epstein, Shiva Rodriguez, Chris Morrissey, Devin Payne, and Virginia Jasper.

Day 8 group

P.j. Mullings, Garith A. Pettibone, Nicole Sweeney, Chris Morrissey, Shiva Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Catherine Epstein, Jonathan Foster, Virginia Jasper, and Devin Payne.

Day Seven!

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

First day of shooting all interiors, so of course we started in the bathroom!

day 7 group

Shiva Rodriguez, Virginia Jasper, Catherine Epstein, Wayne Burgess, Devin Payne, Olivier Wagenheim, Nicole Sweeney, Garith A. Pettibone and Jonathan Foster.

Day Six!

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

The cast and crew on Sunday, the sixth shooting day. The phrase of the day was; “Is that a tick???!!!”

PM Day6

Jonathan Foster, Nicole Sweeney, Anthony Sakovich, Jeffrey Crisp, Bob Glazier, Devin Payne, Shiva Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Wayne Burgess, Catherine Epstein and Olivier Wagenheim.