SPOTLIGHT: Sally Drews

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Sally is playing the role of “Mrs. Potter” in Predatory Moon.

Sally got her start in acting during high school when she was selected to be in the Senior class play and participated in a sit-com style commercial on stage. She never forgot the excitement she felt when the audience applauded.

Years later, she appeared in an infomercial for “The Dermawand”, and loved the excitement of not only doing the commercial but also being recognized by her friends as they watched late night television.

During the last five years, Sally and her finance have been running a karaoke show called “The Karaoke Kouple” where they have found a niche in video-taping the singers and posting it on their website for all to enjoy. They’ve held shows at ‘the Friendly Fisherman” in John’s Pass, a famous tourist stop.

Visit the Karaoke Kouple website at:

Sally Drews

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