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Shooting Day 32

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

Last shooting day with the live cast.

Next week we begin working on mechanical F/X and hope to wrap up all filming soon!

Day 32

Garith A. Pettibone, Catherine Epstein, Shiva Rodriguez, Jonathan A Holbrook, D Duckie Rodriguez, Nicole Sweeney, Chris Morrissey and Virginia Jasper.

Shooting Day #30

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Photos on the Set

day 30

Phrase of the day: “I want to see the box of dicks.”

Steven Cardona, Kelly Helen Thompson, Sandra J. Nye, Nancy Trivisonno, Nicole Sweeney, D Duckie Rodriguez, Nick Trivisonno, Wayne Burgess, Ruby Cotarelo Aman, Jonathan A Holbrook, John Potocki, Judy Potocki, Shiva Rodriguez, Theron Robinson, Meredith Larson, Isiah Miller, Catherine Epstein, Virginia Jasper, Alex Larson and Meredith Larson.