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SPOTLIGHT: Sally Drews

Posted: June 5, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Sally is playing the role of “Mrs. Potter” in Predatory Moon.

Sally got her start in acting during high school when she was selected to be in the Senior class play and participated in a sit-com style commercial on stage. She never forgot the excitement she felt when the audience applauded.

Years later, she appeared in an infomercial for “The Dermawand”, and loved the excitement of not only doing the commercial but also being recognized by her friends as they watched late night television.

During the last five years, Sally and her finance have been running a karaoke show called “The Karaoke Kouple” where they have found a niche in video-taping the singers and posting it on their website for all to enjoy. They’ve held shows at ‘the Friendly Fisherman” in John’s Pass, a famous tourist stop.

Visit the Karaoke Kouple website at:

Sally Drews


Posted: May 14, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Actor/Writer/Restaurateur Skip Klavans will be playing “Roger” in Predatory Moon.

Like juggling chainsaws, Skip works hard to keep himself busy creatively. With well over a dozen stage plays produced under his name in Los Angeles and several short films, Skip ventured over to the east coast to try his hand in the culinary arts. Acting being his first love, he immediately sought out the film community in Florida and is happy to be a member of the cast of Predatory Moon.

Skip’s accomplishments as a writer have been seen in Seattle, LA and Lake Tahoe. As an actor he has been seen in SXSW, Action on Film Fest, LA Shorts and Honolulu Film Fest. As well as TV. Among these accomplishments, he has accepted awards for “Best in fest.” “Gold Kahuna” and “Silver Leigh”.

Skip’s most recent project is “Linger”, a short film about “Love never dies” is currently in post and will be in the festival circuit by summer.

skip klavans


Posted: April 24, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Bob Glazier will be playing the role of “Jacob” in Predatory Moon.

He has had an interest in Film, TV and Theatre since childhood. In his very first role he played one of the “Three Kings” in the third grade class play in Connecticut where he was born. After being transplanted to south Florida at the age of 9, he was at the movie theatre every Sat watching serials and horror films. Bob’s favorite actor is Vincent Price and is proud to say he has seen all of his films.

Bob was inspired by Kurt Russell when he had his first experience as an extra in Mean Season. Kurt took a liking to Bob and spent about an hour talking with him and encouraging him to follow his dream of becoming an actor.

Bob has had extensive training in acting and has had many featured roles in the TV shows Miami Vice and Maximum Bob. He considers himself to be a character actor and has had numerous principal and starring roles in independent, feature, and student films. He starred in the award-winning, Best Feature Film, Pharmboy, at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in 2013. He also starred in Realms of Blood where he played different characters in all three segments. He is also proud to be featured as the bad cop in American Gun (James Coburn’s last film).

Bob has recently completed starring roles in Amerikan Holokaust, PawnZ, Mr. Engagement, Demon, Rough Cut, Fury; the tales of Ronan Pearce, Dark Woods, The Other Side, The Assignment and Phobias to name a few. He was also featured in numerous short films and music videos.

He is currently working on other projects.

Bob Glazier

SPOTLIGHT: Jonathan Foster

Posted: April 18, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Jonathan will be playing the role of “Dean” in Predatory Moon.

He’s always been interested in acting, and played various parts all through school including Charlie Brown in “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown” during his senior year. After high school he fell away from acting, but recently started taking the stage again with the troupe “Accio Actors”.

In the past year, Jonathan has performed in  “Trek”, a Star Trek spoof musical and the independent films, Guests and I Killed a Superhero

He’s excited to be a part of Predatory Moon as it’s a role that he can really “sink his teeth into”.

Jonathan Foster


Posted: March 28, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Nipheads group 1

On March 24th, 2013 four actors (along with our editor) came out to shoot a scene. Of course, on the set of Predatory Moon “extras work” often means becoming werewolf chow.

We’d like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on these talented (and very tolerant!) actors who put in a lot of hard work under uncomfortable conditions and took their mauling with a smile.

Left to Right:

P.J. Mullings – This young man is just starting on his path toward a career in film-making and he sincerely was a great pleasure to work with. We’re looking forward to having him on set as he joins our crew for more of the movie-making experience.

Kathleen Peachee – We first met this actress when she came out to fill in for a character during our Table Read and it was wonderful to see her again! A very enthusiastic woman with a marvelous sense of humor.

Dina Saunders – This lovely actress has been in several film and theatrical productions and told us that she’s been dying to do a horror film. We can attest that she died beautifully for us! She was a lot of fun to have on set.

Marcus Lee – This actor won the title of “Most Convincing Corpse on Set” that day because his ability to play dead for an extended period of time is nothing short of amazing! (Seriously, there were times when we were tempted to check his pulse!) A very dedicated actor with a great personality to boot!

And finally, our Editor Troy Durrett, who came out from behind a desk to play with us on set. He was featured on our Meet The Crew on Mondays here:

nipheads group 2

SPOTLIGHT: Jeffrey Crisp

Posted: March 21, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Jeffrey will be playing the role of “Boris” in Predatory Moon.

Jeffrey lives in Lakeland Fl but got the acting bug while living in Las Vegas for 10 years. There was so much filming being done out
there and he thought it would be great to see if he could be a part of it.

After getting a agent and taking some acting lessons he soon found himself on the sets of Oceans 13, Lucky You and Rush Hour 2. He was also on the 2010 and 2011 American Country Awards with host Trace Atkins.

After moving back to Lakeland last year he landed a role in the short aviation film “Solo” that will be shown at the Sun-n-Fun Fly In this year in Lakeland.

Jeffrey is very excited about working on Predatory Moon and just as excited to work behind the scenes as he is to be in the movie. As he puts it, “To me, that’s where it all happens. I feel that behind the camera is where all the real talent is.”

Jeffrey Crisp

SPOTLIGHT: Tracy Anderson

Posted: March 14, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Tracy Anderson will be playing the role of “Kimberly” in Predatory Moon.

Currently a First Grade teacher, she graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BFA in theatre with a specialization in acting and a BA in anthropology.

Tracy has worked in Disney entertainment as a dancing frog, a dancing ant, Chip, Dale, and King Louie.

Recently she appeared in Theatre Winter Haven’s production of “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Tracy Anderson

SPOTLIGHT: LeNelle Stephens

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Meet the Cast

LeNelle will be playing the role of “Jenny” in Predatory Moon.

A Florida native, LeNelle graduated from Lake Weir High School in Ocala. In high school she took drama classes and participated in several theater productions, including her favorite, “Carousel”. She was always the comedian and “ham” for productions that she and her siblings were constantly putting on for her parents.

LeNelle spent most of her career working in law as a Paralegal/Legal Assistant. In 2006 she made a career change and decided to become involved in City governement. She is presently an Administrative Coordinator for Community Improvement in the city of Sanford.

In 2009 her life took a dramatic change when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After several surgeries and months of healing, LeNelle won her battle with cancer. Today she is a three-year survivor and believes in living every day to the fullest. Realizing that life is too short to sit back and be a spectator, LeNelle chose to seize the day and do things in her life that she’s always wanted to do.

Now you can find her doing mature modeling and she was recently featured in Pin-Up Passion magazine.

Lenelle on Facebook:

Lenelle Hartner-Stephens

SPOTLIGHT: Steve Heinz

Posted: March 1, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Steve Heinz will be playing the part of “Pastor Nichols” in Predatory Moon.

He moved to Sarasota from Westchester county in New York in 1979. He has been married to his wife Bonnie for almost 35 years. They have two daughters and two grandsons.

Steve earned an Associate of Science Degree from Johnson & Wales college in Providence Rhode Island. While still in school, he enlisted in the Army National Guard and served a total of seven years in Rhode Island, New York, and Florida.

For the majority of his working career he has been involved in the air conditioning and heating service industry.

He developed an interest in acting when he became associated with the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office through employment, and as a volunteer. He continues to volunteer at SEFEO events.

To date, Steve has been cast in feature films, shorts, music videos, PSAs, promotional videos, TV commercials, been a greeter for a website, and has been a guest on a couple of internet talk programs.

He is very excited about, and is looking forward to, the start of filming for Predatory Moon.

Steve Heinz

SPOTLIGHT: Lowrie Fawley

Posted: February 21, 2013 in Meet the Cast

Lowrie will be playing the role of “Louise” in Predatory Moon.

A Virginian by birth, Lowrie Fawley has been active in many theatrical venues. Prior to forming FantasyLand Theatrical Productions with Christian St. John, she was a theatrical scholarship recipient for two consecutive years at Santa Fe Community College. She holds degrees Theatre and English.

She also served as Company Manager for the Hippodrome State Theatre.

She has performed and directed in several other venues, including the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre and the STAR Center. Credits include: The Rocky Horror Show, Belle of Amherst and A Coupla White Chicks Sittin’ Round Talkin’. 9 to 5, Regrets Only, and The Guys.

She made her New York stage debut in Israel Horowtiz LINE at the Thirteenth St. Repertory Theatre and premiered her own show, Death by the Visitation of God at the Times Square Arts Center in 2008.

She also appears on film in the web series “Captain Schoolgirl” and performed for three years in NYC in the seasonal attraction Blood Manor.

Lowrie Fawley