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Anthony Sakovich is the Chief Media Strategist at eMotion Digital Media, a Digital Content Marketing company in Tampa Bay, Florida. He and his crew at eMotion have worked on several productions, including the marketing of independent films and the production of documentaries.

Anthony majored in Mass Communication at the University of New Hampshire, and has been involved in media and marketing ever since. He wrote and directed his first television commercial in 1986, and has since directed over two dozen television commercials, directed and voiced just as many radio spots, performed on stage, and has written the copy for countless print publications and websites.

His latest project has been the creation of, a database of independent films so that the makers of these movies can get the word out about their projects and receive the attention they deserve.


Predatory Moon will be the directorial debut of screenwriter and F/X artist Shiva Rodriguez.

Shiva developed an interest in makeup and practical effects when she was very young. She got her start by torturing her younger brother before getting involved in school theatre and television production classes. After graduating she worked in prop fabrication, F/X makeup, and costume design for theatrical events and Halloween attractions before landing a job in the wardrobe department of “Terror on Church Street” in Orlando, FL.

In 1998 she and her husband began producing stage plays and live combat shows, then ten years later they moved into working on film and video projects. While she primarily works as an F/X artist, Shiva has also developed skills as an art director, set designer, and screenwriter.

She was recently involved with the feature films Dangerous People and Rough Cut, as well as the live-action comic series Moonie VS. the Spider Queen.


Shiva Rodriguez

P.J. will be working in the Wardrobe Department of Predatory Moon.

A sophomore at the University of Central Florida, he got involved in acting when he was a young child but spent most of his time playing football. After graduating from high school, he rededicated his time toward his love for acting.

Last year he began modeling, and has recently begun to seek roles in film. He’d like to go to the New York Film Academy or Pace University to hone his skills as an actor and director. He wants to work on both sides of the camera and be an “onion” (have many layers of what he brings to the table).

P.J. plans to pursue a degree in Business Marketing so that he can better market himself in the crazy world of entertainment.

PJ Mullings

Jonathan joins the crew as a Medic and a Production Assistant.

Professionally, Jonathan is an EMS working for a private ambulance company and the New Smyrna Speedway. However, he’s a big fan of horror movies and enjoys working on genre projects.

Asides from helping out behind-the-scenes, he has been both a zombie and an evil clown in Horrorscapes and played a zombie in the Undead Nation web series. As a child, he also came in second place for a video on “America’s Funniest Videos” with his clip entitled “Video Game Boy”.

He’s also a huge video game and comic book fan.

Jon Holbrook

Gus steps up his game this year as the Executive Producer of Predatory Moon.

At the tender age of eight months, he made his acting debut as “Henry VIII” in an independent feature film in 2010. After deciding that he really enjoyed all the attention in the spotlight (and of all his adoring fans on set), he went on to make a cameo appearance in a short film later that same year.

Then tragedy struck as he developed an addiction to catnip, which greatly crippled his performances on set.

Gus soon realized that the real attention could be found behind-the-scenes and soon became a familiar face in production meetings. A true pioneer in the industry, he’s best known for his philosophy that the best films are made by not worrying about the silly little things like “scripts” and “notes”. He regularly enforces his policies by ripping out pages of screenplays and hiding pens.

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Gus Growltiger

Cat Epstein joins us as the Assistant Director.

She is excited to get back into film-making with some of her favorite filmmakers on Predatory Moon.

Cat first moved to Tampa after completing six months in the Disney College Program in 2010. She spent the next couple of years acting and working on independent films (and working seasonally at Disney to maintain free Park Entry) in the Tampa Bay area. Her first production assistant gig was working as Shiva’s practical F/X assistant on “Justifiable Circumstances.” Since then she has worked in many aspects of production (doing general PA work, making runs for craft services, occasional camera work, wrangling actors) including acting as Producer for Dangerous People.

After a short stay in East Brunswick, NJ, she is back in Tampa for a few months to help her family adjust to things after her father’s recent health issues.

Cat has many interests and hobbies outside of film-making and if you’re lucky she’ll make you something to eat sometime.

She earned her B.A. in Broadcast Communications with a Minor in Theater Arts from the University of Pittsburgh. Aside from formatting scripts and terminology on set, she has yet to see this degree come in handy in the real world, except for that palates and yoga they did in Theater Practicum and also maybe History of The English Language – but that’s more on a personal level (the English language is really weird, you guys.)

She’s planning on returning north to pursue a Masters degree in something or other – if you want to know details you’ll just have to ask.

Cat Epstein

Sean’s music will be featured in Predatory Moon. He is also makes an appearance in the film as a werewolf victim.

Ol’Cracker’s “Where in the Hell Is Palatka?” is a one of kind Swamp Music-Country/Bluegrass/Hell Billy CD straight out of the FL underground. FL Cracker life style, stories and music, told by Ol’cracker himself! American music that can apply to any small town in the good ol’ USA.

Who is Ol’Cracker? Where in the Hell is Palatka? And what is a Bardin Booger? These are all answered in track #1 “Where In the Hell’s Palatka?” A song that just gets in your head. It will make you laugh, stomp your feet, yell “Hell yeah!”and understand the pride and heritage of a FL Cracker. They say Country Musics dead? Ol’Cracker breaths new life into it with an old/new sound. A must-have “This CD will be a Southern cult classic.” America should of found Ol’Cracker sooner.

From the CD then came the videos which caught the eye & ear of Director Don Miller. Don then starred Ol’Cracker & his music in his feature film “The Cracker Swamp Chronicles” which in turn catapulted Ol’Cracker into true Cult Hero status! You can see & hear all Ol’Cracker’s videos & movie trailers at


Ol’Cracker CD –

Ol’Cracker Freedom Commercial –

Ol’Cracker music video for “Where In The Hell’s Palatka?” –

Ol’Cracker music video “PlottHoundJohnny” –

Ol’Cracker music video “Ol’Nashville” –

Ol’Crackef music video
“Ol’Cracker Blues” –

Ol’Cracker vs ShameAss

“Lis Pendens” –


“The Hiker” (short)-

“Twang” (short)-

“Cracker Swamp Chronicles” (feature)

Ol' Cracker

Olivier was on the crew as a cinematographer and key grip when Siren Productions first began doing short film projects in 2008, and he now joins us again as the First Assistant Camera for Predatory Moon.

He has many years experience in 3D modeling and animation for film and is a master at understanding the needs of production companies when it comes to software and other computer technologies.

In France he worked with several companies for software development and animation. He also worked for Exmachina Production studio with CGI effects and 3D modeling on virtual stage for the films Dobermann (2005) and The Fifth Element (2007).

In the United States he doe a lot of work with creating 3D renderings for architecture as well as animation and video mapping. His website is

Olivier Wagenheim

Wayne Burgess joins us as the Unit Production Manager for Predatory Moon.

Wayne has over 16 years of hands-on experience in the entertainment field. After finishing school at Columbia in Chicago, he worked on “The Jerry Springer Show” (back when Jerry was beating Oprah at the ratings). Wayne then moved to Los Angeles to work on the Emmy award-winning show, “Talk Soup”.

His experiences encompass a variety of projects including five 48-hour film contests and three full-length feature films: Cats and Dogs 2, Big Junior, and Pharmboy. Other projects include three live theatre shows and a variety of popular television commercials.

Big Junior film –

Yay! Planes –

Encyclopaedia Metallum –


Wayne Burgess

Pat McSherry is one of our Grips for Predatory Moon.

Pat has been the bassist for the metal band Catalyst: since 2009, and members of the band are also part of Monument:Productions which handles all audio, video production, recording services, visual performance and art, photography, website design, and other services for musicians and artists.

Recently he has worked on the music video for the Catalyst: song “A Ghost Unknown” ( and worked on the crew for the videos for Predatory Moon’s “Blood Drive” campaign.

Official website for Catalyst: –

Catalyst on Facebook –

Monument:Productions –