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October is coming!

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

Our shooting schedule resumes on October 4th, and our F/X department has been very busy getting the werewolves ready for the camera!

Thanks to our generous supporters, we’ll be able to mechanize the masks worn by actors as well as build the fully robotic werewolves. This is great news for us, as creature makeups with long muzzles generally have a very difficult time when trying to achieve natural-looking expressions. Being able to incorporate some robotics into the masks means that our actors will be able to both snarl and bite when they are suited up!


Sculpt for the underskull of a werewolf mask. This will later be cast in fiberglass to create a platform on which all the electronic pieces will be attached before the “skin” is put over it.

Mel and Duckie playing around with one of their more dramatic scenes. The crew dubbed this clip “The Spanish Soap Opera”.


D Duckie Rodriguez, P.j. Mullings, Garith A. Pettibone, Tracy Anderson, Bob Glazier, Devin Payne, Jonathan A Holbrook, Catherine Epstein, Nicole Sweeney, Jeffrey Crisp, Olivier Wagenheim and Jonathan Foster.


Garith A. Pettibone, Shiva Rodriguez, Kathleen Kat O’Brien, Jeffrey Crisp, Olivier Wagenheim, Jonathan Foster, P.j. Mullings, LeNelle Stephens, Nicole Sweeney, Jonathan A Holbrook, Devin Payne, Catherine Epstein, Lowrie Fawley, Eric Clairmont and Wayne Burgess.

Day Twenty of shooting

Posted: May 27, 2013 in Photos on the Set

day 20 group

Shiva Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Pat McSherry, Kathleen Kat O’Brien, Jonathan Foster, Nicole Sweeney, Garith A. Pettibone, Jonathan A Holbrook, P.j. Mullings, Catherine Epstein and Wayne Burgess.

Day 19 group A

Shiva Rodriguez, Nicole Sweeney, Sally Drews, Chris Morrissey, Wayne Burgess, Catherine Epstein, Olivier Wagenheim, P.j. Mullings, Jonathan A Holbrook, Devin Payne, and Garith A. Pettibone.

Day 18 group

Jonathan A Holbrook, D Duckie Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Shiva Rodriguez, Catherine Epstein, Garith A. Pettibone, Jeffrey Crisp, Jonathan Foster, Nicole Sweeney, Wayne Burgess, Tracy Anderson and P.j. Mullings.

Day 17 group

Olivier Wagenheim, P.j. Mullings, Shiva Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Jonathan Foster, Lowrie Fawley, D Duckie Rodriguez, Chris Morrissey, Catherine Epstein, and Devin Payne.

Group day 16

D Duckie Rodriguez, P.j. Mullings, Chris Morrissey, Jeffrey Crisp, Garith A. Pettibone, Shiva Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Tracy Anderson, Wayne Burgess, Devin Payne, and Catherine Epstein.

Group Day 15

P.j. Mullings, Chris Morrissey, Garith A. Pettibone, Shiva Rodriguez, Wayne Burgess, D Duckie Rodriguez, Jonathan Foster, Olivier Wagenheim and Catherine Epstein.