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Well, most of the film is in the can. Shiva and Duckie are still wrangling the robotic creatures that will be shot later this year, but principle photography with the actors wrapped up at the end of November.

Shooting Day 32

Posted: November 25, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

Last shooting day with the live cast.

Next week we begin working on mechanical F/X and hope to wrap up all filming soon!

Day 32

Garith A. Pettibone, Catherine Epstein, Shiva Rodriguez, Jonathan A Holbrook, D Duckie Rodriguez, Nicole Sweeney, Chris Morrissey and Virginia Jasper.

October is coming!

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

Our shooting schedule resumes on October 4th, and our F/X department has been very busy getting the werewolves ready for the camera!

Thanks to our generous supporters, we’ll be able to mechanize the masks worn by actors as well as build the fully robotic werewolves. This is great news for us, as creature makeups with long muzzles generally have a very difficult time when trying to achieve natural-looking expressions. Being able to incorporate some robotics into the masks means that our actors will be able to both snarl and bite when they are suited up!


Sculpt for the underskull of a werewolf mask. This will later be cast in fiberglass to create a platform on which all the electronic pieces will be attached before the “skin” is put over it.

Day Seven!

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

First day of shooting all interiors, so of course we started in the bathroom!

day 7 group

Shiva Rodriguez, Virginia Jasper, Catherine Epstein, Wayne Burgess, Devin Payne, Olivier Wagenheim, Nicole Sweeney, Garith A. Pettibone and Jonathan Foster.

Day Six!

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

The cast and crew on Sunday, the sixth shooting day. The phrase of the day was; “Is that a tick???!!!”

PM Day6

Jonathan Foster, Nicole Sweeney, Anthony Sakovich, Jeffrey Crisp, Bob Glazier, Devin Payne, Shiva Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Wayne Burgess, Catherine Epstein and Olivier Wagenheim.

Day Five!

Posted: May 6, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

Our fifth day of shooting principle photography was May 5th. The word for the day was “Spiders!”

PM Day5

Anthony Sakovich, Garith A. Pettibone, Nicole Sweeney, Wayne Burgess, Shiva Rodriguez, Robert M. Coggin, Alexander Brousseau, Olivier Wagenheim, Pat McSherry, Catherine Epstein, Devin Payne and Jonathan Foster.

Day Four!

Posted: April 30, 2013 in Photos on the Set, Production News

We just wrapped up our fourth day of filming in Ormond Beach and are taking a few days off while the whole production moves over to the Tampa area.

PM Day 4

We’re trying to make a habit of taking a group photo at the end of each filming day!

Predatory Group Day 1
April 25, 2013. We began filming our werewolf movie on the day of the full moon!

Olivier Wagenheim, Mel Heflin, Garith A. Pettibone, Nicole Sweeney, D Duckie Rodriguez, Shiva Rodriguez, Catherine Epstein, Devin Payne, and Wayne Burgess.

Predatory Group Day 2
April 26, 2013. First F/X scene shot!

Shiva Rodriguez, Nicole Sweeney, D Duckie Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Mel Heflin, Olivier Wagenheim, Devin Payne, Catherine Epstein and Wayne Burgess.

Predatory Group Day 3
April 27, 2013. More fun with lots of bloody F/X!

Wayne Burgess, Shondarian DeShone Nelson, Shiva Rodriguez, Garith A. Pettibone, Devin Payne, Tracy Anderson, D Duckie Rodriguez, Olivier Wagenheim, Nicole Sweeney, Catherine Epstein and Mel Heflin.

While principle photography for Predatory Moon isn’t scheduled to begin until late April, the Second Unit team is already hard at work!

“Dr. Cracker” (played by Sean Landenberger) met his gory end on March 2nd.

See many more photos taken behind-the-scenes on our Official Facebook Page!

Prepping Dr. Cracker

Into the Woods We Go!

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Production News

Now that our indiegogo campaign is over, we’re moving full speed ahead in pre-production for Predatory Moon!

Auditions are being held this month (See the Auditions Page for all the details)